Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crown Center Antique Show 2012 ~ Part 2

As promised, another post on the Crown Center Antique Show ~ I did end up taking quite a few photos, so it made sense to do two postings. Shown above is a closeup of a store display/fixture that contained a variety of curtain fixtures to choose from ~ pretty ingenious and so well designed - the majority of this piece was made of printed/painted metal, so much of the wood grain visible is painted, not wood. Makes me wonder if the company supplied these displays to the retailer or if the retailer had to pay for them? These days, no one would spend the money to make such an item ~ everything is used temporarily and then tossed out.

{Boye curtain fixture store display}

Couldn't pass up a shot or two of this chest of drawers handmade from spools and cheese boxes ~ I love this sort of thing! Ingenuity and drawers ~ what could be a better combination?!

{old type drawer}

I love this type of drawer as well ~ for me, I use these as working organizers ~ I do the same with muffin tins. When I am embellishing the brooches I make or other craft projects, I often will keep buttons or beads in this sort of drawer so that I can see all I have to choose from. Since they are stackable, it makes it a little easier to see what you have at a glance just by rearranging the stack.

{old mirrored and wire wrapped glass bottles}

I assume these are wine bottles, but not really sure ~ I just thought the imperfection of the mirrored bottle in combination with the wire wrapping and printing was just beautiful. It was disappointing to see that one had been changed into a lamp ~ there goes the antique value!

{spectacular crystal and beaded chandeliers}

{Painting of priest in gorgeous frame}

This piece reminded me of Prior Phillip from the Pillars of the Earth series, which we just happened to finish watching last week ~ while I enjoyed the miniseries, I liked the book better. It is a bit of a disturbing painting, but I still like it and think it could look great displayed with other religious themed items ~ wish I had the wall space!

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