Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crown Center Antique Show 2012 ~ Part 1

Time flies! The summer is more than halfway over and somehow I have gotten far behind with my posts ~ sorry for the delay. I suppose in some ways, it doesn't make much of a difference as I always do a post AFTER the event anyway and it isn't as if the antiques I post about will be out of style in a week or two! I do like to share what I see though, so I hope to do a better job of keeping up in the future. That said, here is Part 1 of some great items I saw while shopping at this year's Crown Center Antique Show in June ~ this year, nice weather ( a little hot), but no storms and most importantly, no flooding ~ both vendors and shoppers were happy about that!

First, some wonderfully beautiful tins. The first grouping illustrates gorgeous graphics and color, while the second tin shown is lovely because of the lack of color ~ I am always drawn to neutrals for some reason. I'd love to start a collection of sifters like those shown below ~ again, I guess it is the simplicity of color and patina along with the variety of graphics that appeals to me.

{good start for a sifter collection}

{cute child's Schoenhut piano with lovely graphics}

While I wasn't wild about the actual views that came with this set, I do think the box it was packaged in is beautifully designed. I was a bit curious as to what the Magic Lantern itself would look like ~ all that was being sold were the package of slides.

While we are on the subject of packaging, above is a set of stays (I think) that I was tempted to purchase just because I liked the way they look in their box. While I was sorely tempted, I held back and satisfied myself with a photo instead. Below is another example of some packaging I admired ~ very clever way to showcase the product while presenting it in a unique fashion. Since there is so little of this sort of thing done today, I guess that is why the old pieces are so intriguing to me.

I had to include the bowties as well ~ not that there is anything special about how they are packaged, but I just liked the variety of patterns and colors together ~ I am having a bit of remorse about passing these up ~ but then again, my dogs don't get invited to that many events that require formal attire, so I just couldn't rationalize the expenditure.

{any of these would have looked great on either my black or wheaten scottie!}

Stop by tomorrow ~ Part 2 will be posted ~ I promise!

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