Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss Frenchie's Show Photos

Finally, some photos from this past weekend's Miss Frenchie's April in Paris Antique Show! I took loads of photos, so I thought I would break them into several postings. The show was amazing ~ we had a huge turnout and the vendor booths were just lovely ~ I had a wonderful time visiting with the other vendors, admiring their wares and catching up with friends and customers.

Below are some shots I took of my booth ~ I offered a variety of knitted and crocheted items including scarves, scarflettes, brooches and earrings. I also had a few antique/vintage pieces for sale ~ those I thought I could part with! I had hoped to make some more paper creations, but time ran out ~ I will have to put them first on my list for next time!

{views of my space}

{neutral scarves and brooches}

{colorful brooches}

{brooches and paper displays}

{vintage credit register files}


pam q said...

Very, very cool displays and beautiful things for sale!

Is that a crib bed spring on the wall?? Looks awesome!

Julie said...

It IS a crib bed spring! When I saw this at Good JuJu (a local monthly vintage sale) I had to have it - since I was able to use it for my display, now I feel like my purchase was totally justified!

Our Hands For Hope said...

Hope the sale goes well.
Love the book stands!

secretleaves said...

Hello Julie. I spoke to Elizabeth yesterday and she said the show was great. One year I will make it there to see it for myself. I can't wait to see more photos.

By the way, I have tagged you in a post on my blog. : )


Mitzi Curi said...

It must be so satisfying to view all of your finished work in one place. It looks fabulous. Those brooches are charming!