Friday, March 21, 2014

Memories ~ of the pups they used to be . . .

{Speck at about 3 months}

{Sprocket at about 4 months}

INSPIRATION 2014 #80: As you may have noticed, I have become obsessed with finding out what special day is being celebrated ~ so many obscure holidays! According to Days of the Year,we should be celebrating Common Courtesy Day, Single Parent's Day, Memory Day and Puppy Day today. How often will I be able to post two images that work for 2.5 of the 4 days?! I am stretching it a bit with the Single Parent's Day, as I was only a single parent to Speck for several months before my boyfriend showed up. 

So, celebrating the wonderful memories we had when our scotties were puppies. Speck is now just about 12.5 and Sprocket will be turning 6 in April. You can read more about their adventures here, here, and here

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