Saturday, November 6, 2010

Speck is 9 today!

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Today is Speck's 9th birthday ~ Speck is my black Scottish terrier AKA Spectacular, Mr. Speck and Speckita. When asked, I usually tell people that Speck is short for Spectacular, which is true, but I liked the name Speck also because it was one of my favorite places to go when I was little. Speck's (the original one) was a drive in/diner on the road we took to visit my great aunt Verna ~ I remember getting soft serve dipped ice cream cones there. Now I'm not even sure the one we used to stop at is there any more, but there is one in Collegeville, Pa ~ apparently known for their broasted chicken.

While Speck enjoys chicken now and then (although I'm not sure he has ever sampled any broasted chicken), Burger King was his restaurant of choice for his bday meal. This year he ordered a cheeseburger and fries along with the traditional Burger King headwear. The gold crown suits him well, doesn't it?

As the appetizing smells wafted his way, Mr. Speck was licking his lips in anticipation.......

Just couldn't wait, he had to sample a fry before all the guests were served.

Sprocket, the lone party guest, patiently waited for the meal to be served. Happy Birthday Speck!


Gina Martin said...

no...not a bit spoiled!! Happy birthday Mr. Speck!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' it.
Whoops that's McDonald's.
A friend sent me this as my last name is Speck and I hava Scotty dog, Duncan.
Anyway, I love the piccys of your Scotty and his buddy, Sprocket. I have a Scotty of my own and Speck and Duncan are dead ringers. Duncan makes the same face if her wears a something on his head.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Speck! I missed this post somehow when I was visiting your blog the other day.

I haven't commented on your blog very often, but I've been enjoying it. In fact, I gave you a "One Lovely Blog Award" today!

I just love Speck and Sprocket, and if I could convince my hubby that anything smaller than waist high can STILL be a dog, I'd have a Scottie in a second! LOL


Julie said...

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for giving my blog the "One Lovely Blog Award" ~ I so appreciate it! It may be a few weeks before I can pass on the award ~ I am in the midst of big deadlines at work and preparing for a craft show and the holidays, so lucky to be getting sleep right now!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog and my scotties! Do tell your husband that one of my scotties was pretty evenly matched with a German Shepherd - this was my first scottie, Spike. For a 33 pound dog he was pretty tough - scotties aren't for sissies! My boyfriend wasn't a big fan at first either, but now that we have Sprocket he has changed his tune!