Sunday, September 9, 2012

Walnut 2012 ~ Part 4

{tempting offering from West End Architectural Salvage}

If you've been following along for the last several posts, it is easy to see why the Walnut Antique Show is one of my favorites ~ there really is something for everyone. There is also a wide variety of dealers who display their wares in many different ways ~ from lovely vignettes like the one above, to items hastily scattered on a table top. You never really know where a treasure might turn up.

{vintage intercom/radio type system}

{beautifully designed speaker housing}

{antique cast iron book press ~ would love one of these!}

{painted cast iron squirrel doorstop}

{step used on a train that would be great in my kitchen!}

{unique baby swing that converts to a child's rocker ~ complete with dangerous pinchy springs!}

{wonderful folk art box made from matchsticks}

{lovely scales face}

{unique & beautifully designed clock face}

As I never leave an antique show without a few photos of graphics I like, Walnut is no exception ~ those below are some of my favorites. I especially love some of the most likely unintentional humorous names of products ~ one can tell they didn't use focus groups or worried about insulting anyone.

{wonder if this is what inspired Simon & Garfunkel?}

{Naturally, all bachelors are he men!}

{conveying all product info on a beautifully decorative label}

{Particular people DO care that their snaps are dependable}

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