Monday, September 3, 2012

Walnut 2012 ~ Part 3

I've dubbed Part 3 of our trip to Walnut this year Paper, Pins & Tins ~ a nice selection of antique paper pieces (ie. albums), sewing related items and printed tins. Year after year, the AMVETS antique show in Walnut, Iowa doesn't disappoint ~ tons of interesting and beautiful objects to admire.

{unique Victorian velvet covered album on a stand}

Here are some very old and unusual Victorian photo displays ~ the album above was filled with a huge array of wonderful photographs. When unlatched, the album opened flat so that the photos could be viewed easily, when closed, the photos were protected and the album served a more decorative purpose. The blue velvet frame below also had interesting details: unusual "doors", dimensional designs, and beautiful hardware ~ even the hinges are beautifully, yet simply designed. I also admired the back of the frame ~ a handcrafted wire stand was attached to a lovely embossed pattern.

{hand cut floral design on matte around photo}

{charming book cover design}

While the bank above was actually metal, its cover has the look of embossed paper, so I thought I would include it with this group of items. Below are two antique colored prints ~ a book cover design and a box label for a map of the United States puzzle ~ as you can see, the colors and designs on these are pretty wonderful ~ then, the typography . . . . . . !

Other items that always catch my eye are thread displays and color or swatch cards of just about any era. Don't know if it is just the pretty colors or just the satisfaction of seeing all of the pieces neatly organized ~ kind of similar to my feeling as a kid when I got a new box of 64 crayons.

{Embroidery thread store display ~ 1940's?}

{Older swatch book for crochet cotton}

This year I kept noticing lots of antique printed tin containers ~ all different sizes, shapes and prices. Even when rusty or damaged, they still have a charm that makes me want to buy one of each. It's a shame that in today's world beautifully designed packaging is usually only found on very expensive items and ignored on everyday items.

{rustic Quezal coffee tin}

{loved the symmetry and design of this tin ~ great shape too!}

{color palette on the flour tin is one of my favorites}

{great embossed lid on Maxwell House Coffee}

This is a good example of details that have just gone by the wayside ~ compare the design above to today's Maxwell House Coffee packaging ~ which do you prefer?

Last, but not least, a tin bucket containing Kettle Rendered Lard ~ complete with an illustration of pigs doing the rendering! Wondering if they ran that idea by the marketing department or a focus group? The packaging is so charming, it almost makes me think I might be able to make use of some lard, just so I could have the tin.

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Shawna Stobaugh said...

I so wish I was able to make this trip to sparks, too. I was stuck at home in air conditioning 8 1/2 months pregnant. Maybe I'll make it this spring! Looks like you found some wonderful items!