Sunday, September 2, 2012

Walnut 2012 ~ Part 2

After taking a look at all the photos I took during the two days at Walnut, I realized I had a good amount of antique toys, games and activities for children, so I thought a Fun & Games theme would be appropriate for this posting.

It is hard to tell as there is nothing to compare for scale, but the baskets above and the hat below are childsize ~ the craftsmanship on them was pretty amazing. I loved the addition of the striped band ~ I guess the baskets are sort of like backpacks.

{child size straw hat}

{doll size hat made from socks}

The two images above are both handmade and made from socks ~ I always love these creatures as they always have such personality. This one looks familiar though, I have a feeling I may have seen and posted about it earlier.

{children's sewing machines & child size washer for laundry}

Back in the day when small children actually learned to make things and spent time making things, there were all sorts of kid size machines and kits available. I suppose many of these helped the youngster prepare for later life while keeping them busy and out of trouble.

{embroidery kit with lovely graphics}

{doll size clothespins ~ love the packaging!}

{Who can resist a terrier?}

Loved the graphics on this spider game as well, but being on a budget, had to hold back and be happy with just a photo. Thought the hand made grasshopper pull toy was really unique as well ~ his legs moved up and down when pulled ~ very clever!

While I do like the show American Pickers,
I certainly don't want to be in the motorcycle/bike/oil cans/automobile signage rut that Mike & Frank have fallen into ~ so, for good measure, here are some pedal cars I am sure will appeal to my manly audience!

{with working dumpster!}

{nice gas tank addition on this one}

The one above, I don't know what to call as it was a cross between a wagon and a car. The white handle could be used to steer by the rider or pulled by a friend or parent ~ a pretty amazing design ~ one I've never seen before!

Never ended up finding out the history behind these masks, but they were funny. Is there a play that anyone knows about that includes one of the three blind mice and a rabbit? Not sure what the orange animal is, but it would be interesting to know how these came about and what they were used for.

Last but not least, a toy for the extremely organized or anal child ~ a precursor to a daily planner! I wonder how many of these were purchased and actually used?! I hate to admit it, but I probably would have loved such a thing when I was little ~ or even now!

{pegboard daily diary}

Still more to come! Walnut is a big show with lots of great stuff to share!

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