Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walnut 2012 ~ Part 1

{gorgeous green wicker hamper}

I cannot believe it has been more than 2 months since our trip to the Walnut Antique show AND it has taken me this long to do a post! Well, it has been a busier (and terribly hot & dry!) summer than I expected ~ or maybe the older you get, the more quickly time passes? I did take quite a few photos this year, so I will break them up in a couple of posts ~ the first being a theme of one of my favorites ~ drawers, cabinets, containers & organizers ~ or things that one can hide all their junk (or in my case, treasures) in! I really do love drawers and cabinets ~ if you'd like to see more go here.

I now wish I had looked at the price of this metal bucket for gathering olives or grapes ~ I love the look of these and just recently saw them for sale in an ad from Tuesday Morning for $50! The double decker metal grocery cart also caught my eye, but it was already sold ~ thereby preventing me from even considering it!

This large slatted wood bin would also make a great storage place for toys, quilts or just about anything ~ perhaps an ill-behaved child? We were interested in it as it was sturdy and made very well ~ the woven wire, canvas handle and metal hinged corners were nice touches. Not showing are the heavy duty wheels ~ a great industrial piece!

Then there were the drawers & cabinets ~ the dealers at Walnut always have lots of these to offer and drool over. Since I don't have ANY space left in my house, nor do I usually have a vehicle large enough for any of these pieces, I have no choice but to just take photos and dream about what could have been!

{primitive piece with surprisingly ornate handles ~ a nice juxtaposition}

In the right setting, this Tom's Toasted Peanuts cabinet would be so cool! It had just the right amount of paint loss and variety of colors on the fronts ~ plus it would hold lots of stuff. Wouldn't it be great in a boys' room as a place to keep clothing or books stashed away?

Now this was just a sign with an illustration of a hoosier cabinet, so I had to include it since it sort of fits the theme and I did like the sign.

My favorite and most impressive of all was this amazing four-sided revolving millinery store cabinet. I would DIE to have such a piece, but it was expensive, large and in pretty bad shape. I cannot imagine what it must have been like when it was first made ~ it had most recently been used in a hardware store to contain small pieces and parts, so much was taped over and broken or removed to accommodate the hardware.

In the top photo, if you look carefully, you can still see a few of the drawers have spool racks in them ~ the bottom photo shows a bit of the lovely craftsmanship and detail of this once most lovely piece of furniture. I'll bet some lucky person took this piece home and perhaps it will be restored to its original beauty ~ or at least cleaned up and enjoyed!

{carved wooden strip detail}

Above is a spool shelf I saw at Walnut. While I wasn't wild about this specific piece, I did like the detail of the doorknobs used as finials. One of my big purchases this year was 144 wooden spools ~ I plan to design a long spool shelf for behind my sofa, so I have been gathering research in addition to the materials needed. Now, I just need to carve out some extra time and figure out how to coerce my boyfriend into helping since he is the furniture maker in the household!

{beautiful antique boye sewing needle store display}

The last two combine two of my favorite things ~ organizers and sewing items. I am always drawn to these items and am amazed there is such a great variety, most of which is still affordable ~ it really makes them hard to resist! More to come........

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