Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Miscellaneous Mix

{rustic vignette at Good JuJu}

Don't know where the time has gone ~ had hoped to post this several days ago, but have gotten rather behind! (again!) As I didn't want to go back on my word, here is an odd mix of things I found interesting at a combination of antique malls (Lone Elm Antique Mall & Sentimental Journey Antique Mall) and Good JuJu in early June. I realized that I didn't end up with very many photos this time around, so went for quality rather than quantity. As there are lots of shows coming up, I'm sure I will have more to share in the following weeks.

{Adjust-o-Matic assemble-it-yourself cardboard dress form at Good JuJu}

Even though the dress form above is a little misshapen, I thought I would post a photo anyway since I think these are so neat and you don't see them often. I love the name "Adjust-oMatic" and the graphics on the piece ~ it is put together by the customer using metal brads. I have one of my own that is just the top portion, but is in better shape that the one shown above. I also bought one on ebay a long time ago that is vintage new in box ~ when I get some extra time I will have to get some photos taken and share ~ these make a great sculptural piece to use in a display or as an interesting piece in your home.

{Cast Iron Antique Pasta Machine from 1906}

{Vintage Penn's pen nib tin with wonderful graphics}

{Interesting tool display ~ would have been great if the tools were present!}

Well, please stay tuned for more to come ~ I will get that Surtex follow up posted ~ but have to take care of other priorities at the moment before I can get to that!

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