Friday, June 22, 2012

KC Antiques & Collectibles ~ June 2012

Once again have gotten behind on posting, so I am playing catch up on a few shows I have gone to in the past couple of weeks. All of the images in this posting were taken at the KC Antiques & Collectibles show which is now being called The Supermarket. This show has recently moved back to the Kemper Arena ~ it used to be there years ago, so it is deja vu to return to this venue for me. I missed the May show, which I heard was quite large, but I did manage to make it to the June show, so here are some highlights.

{Religious ribbon in silk lined box}

I really love these badges and ribbons, but have not seen one like this before. Most of those I see or have collected are from fraternal organizations like the Odd Fellows. This one is especially interesting as it came in its own box and has the wishbone pinned inside ~ I wonder what the significance of the bone is? In addition, the red, white and blue decoration at top is very unusual ~ most of these ribbons have some sort of metal piece to hold the ribbon. The star and fringe is made of wire bullion and is commonly seen on these pieces.

Below are some beautifully embroidered purses as well as a lovely antique beaded purse ~ the handwork on these pieces is pretty amazing.

{embroidered fabric purses}

{victorian beaded purse}

I also admire the craftsmanship and lovely patterns in old quilts ~ I thought the simple rectangular pattern combined with the feather stitch border was interesting in combination with the simple 'x' stitch design. The geometric quilt ~ not sure if this is the log cabin pattern or a variety of it, had an unusual addition of a small scale patterned fabric here and there.

I also spotted this antique Chiclets display box ~ I loved the pattern on the outside of the box ~ it must have been especially striking when it was new as the metallic ink had lost its lustre. Notice the tagline ~ really delightful ~ we just don't have advertising like that anymore.

Last but not least was this lovely little Built-Rite Toy box. Don't know if it was a free giveaway or if it was a toy to purchase, but I am sure it came flat and one put it together him/herself. I love the design of the box ~ each window has a view of what was being sold inside ~ I wonder how many varieties of these were made? It would be great to have a collection of all of them, wouldn't it?


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