Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fabulous Finds ~ Cigar Box & Contents

Finally got a few photos taken today ~ here is my favorite (and fabulous!) find from the KC Flea Market I posted about previously. I bought this from a dealer (Jerry's Vintage Treasures) who was selling fine and expensive china, so it was rather a surprise to find this crunchy and dilapidated cigar box resting on a table amongst all the fine goods.

Despite it's tattered appearance, I just love the box as is. The graphics are just beautiful and the added labels are also very intricately designed. Notice that the top of the box is printed to look like wood even though the label was applied to a wooden box of a similar color. While the sides must have been totally covered at one time, now the paper labels are only partially present as shown below:

Best of all is what I found inside ~ can you guess? ~ post your guess in the comments if you dare! (Knitting group, shhhh!) The photo above provides a clue of sorts. I will post photos of the contents later this week, so stay tuned!


Dorian Fletcher said...

hmmm...handwork by skillful workmen (women?). Doilies, embroidery? The box alone is a piece of art. I've enjoyed your blog for some years and now, your Pinterest boards. Thanks for the inspiration.

Julie said...

Thanks for your guess and your kind words, Dorian!
Glad you enjoy my blog and boards on Pinterest - it is always lovely to find others who appreciate my aesthetic!

Anonymous said...

Is the clue "Hand Work"
My guess would be a lovely pair of gloves or mittens.

Julie from CT

Amusing Provincial said...

A doily? We are having a cigar box class at The Gathering! Love it! Jen