Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

A Happy Easter to all! Looks like a beautiful day is ahead ~ at least where I live! Found a few Easter themed images to share ~ mostly via Pinterest. Of course, the one I had in mind I couldn't locate ~ probably one of those times where I wasn't able to pin. I have linked all the images (click on image for link) to where I found them, but unfortunately there are several that haven't been pinned properly and one cannot find out where the original source actually is.

I have to say, I am glad the custom of dressing up for Easter didn't catch on ~ these would be some mighty embarrassing photos for your parents to show prospective mates or in case you might choose to run for public office.

The photo below reminds me of Easter when I was a child ~ a new dress and hunting for the easter baskets that my dad hid. It was best if you could find your basket before we left for church so that you would have some candy to get through the service ~ otherwise you had to wait until afternoon. Sometimes those baskets were impossible to find ~ my dad was really clever with hiding them ~ I remember once there was one in the bottom of the laundry hamper. Another time he took the lampshade off, installed the easter basket and replaced the lampshade ~ that may have been the hardest one to find. Then there was also the egg hunt.......

Can't say I ever found any eggs like those below! My grandmother usually had a special egg hunt all set up for my brother and me ~ she taped nickles, dimes and quarters to the decorated eggs. She also wasn't nearly as crafty with hiding the eggs as my dad was with the baskets, so there was always a mad scramble (no pun intended!) to grab up as many eggs as possible and then hope you had a bunch with the quarters on them! So, what easter memories do you have?

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