Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fabulous Find ~ Vintage Sewing Basket

Today I thought I would post about this lovely vintage woven sewing basket ~ I think it may have been green at one point, but was painted black and comes apart in several sections. Recently at an antique show I saw a similar basket and as the dealer is a friend, we had a conversation about these sewing baskets ~ I mentioned the one that I had has a flower and bird decoration added ~ so, this is for you Nan!

I always love going to Nan's booth at any of the shows she does as she always has a lovely assortment of buttons to search through and many beautiful and unique sewing treasures. Make sure to go to Sparks/White Cloud and the Walnut Antique shows (see links at right) if you want to see for yourself ~ she and her husband are usually at both of those shows.

{different compartments}

{side view}

So, I have three of these baskets ~ the other two do not have any added decorations and they are all painted black. They are similar in size, but there are no manufacturers markings anywhere, so I am not sure if these were made by hand or how old they might be. So, how many of something do you have to have to call it a collection?


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Three. You have a collection!
Love the basket!

Julie said...

Good to know Laura ~ I was thinking it was 5! Of course, if I count the other sewing "baskets" or containers I have, I definitely have a collection. With your number of three though, I think I may have many more collections than I realized!
Thanks for visiting!

A said...

Absolutely wonderful addition to anyone's collection