Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old Summit Antique Show ~ Fall 2011 ~ Part 2

{lovely little oil painting}

Woman's work is the theme of this selection of antiques spotted at the autumn Old Summit Antique Show last weekend. Don't get me wrong here ~ I am not being sexist, it is just that these items seem to lean towards the feminine in my mind. Many times when reviewing the photos I have taken on an outing, I realize I have inadvertently gathered images of a similar theme ~ or I impose a theme just to come up with a different way of presenting the interesting items I see at these shows! So, please bear with me and enjoy the show!

{large carved mother of pearl button}

{cardboard & glass windowed thread display}

{gold bullion and beaded needlework}

{animal themed candy molds}

{fabulous medical book with lovely die cut layered pages showing different parts of the body}

{brass soap and sponge dish ~ to hang on side of bathtub}

{papier mache santa}

{sleigh ride holiday decoration}


Beth Leintz said...

I don't suppose I should be surprised, but so many of the things you showed where things that caught my eye, too.

Julie said...

Great minds think alike!