Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Old Summit Antique Show ~ Fall 2011 ~ Part 3

{great graphics on this Road Men wooden box}

No surprise ~ if you have been following along, today's post will showcase some items I admired at the Old Summit Antique Show that seem to be of a more masculine nature! Maybe it is my German background that makes me think this way ~ the der, die and das used in the language that identifies everything as male, female or neuter! At any rate, whatever gender these things are, I think they are worth sharing.

{beautiful chipped wooden clock}

{fabulous pocket watch sign}

{Old GE device of some sort that has been wired as a light (not turned on)}

{old tin water cooler}

{Odd Fellows grave markers}

{Yard long photo of men in uniform}

{corn on the cob weather vane}

{lovely Lufkin measuring tools}

{ginormous concrete cornucopia}

So, what do you think? These things do have a masculine flair to them, don't they? I did take some extra liberties with the concrete cornucopia ~ my thought was that you would definitely appreciate the help of some nice burly man to help you carry it to your car!

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