Friday, July 24, 2009

Walnut 2009 ~ The Spoils!

McCracken prescription files ~ eight of them ~ filled with vintage prescriptions! These were my favorite find at Walnut this year ~ they will now replace the army green Phillips files I have been using for my video tapes near my tv ~ the black and white works better with my decor! I just love these ~ their graphics, the handles/knobs and their size ~ they serve as great organizers as a CD or video tapes fit perfectly. These are all separate files ~ I have some others that are a cabinet of 6 ~ I'll see if I can get a photo taken tomorrow to share with you.

Although the prescription papers aren't as old as I had hoped, they are still pretty neat ~ some of the papers are nicely patterned so I think they may work out well as collage papers. Anybody out there have any other ideas as to what to use them for?


Millie Motts said...

What a wonderful find! I think this is my first comment on your blog, but I love reading it.

The prescriptions could be used as "insides" for a notebook or for material in innumerable collages. How wonderful!

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting ~ glad you like my blog, Millie!
Great idea - thanks for sharing! I have done a little experimenting with some origami as well ~ if anything comes of it, I will make sure to share it on the blog.

pam q said...

Very cool!

How about just leaving the prescriptions on the wire "thing-y" and turning it into a "page-a-day" type collage journal?

Leave it sitting out somewhere and have at it whenever you have a {spare} moment....