Sunday, July 26, 2009

Files, files, more files!

As promised, thanks to a day of good weather, here are the cabinet files I mentioned yesterday ~ black and white Hercules prescription files. I bought these several years ago ~ for some reason I actually remember where I got them too ~ sometimes it amazes me that I can remember where I have gotten most of my treasures, given that I go out so often! The white files came from Curious Sofa, the black files from no-longer-in-existence, State Line Antique Mall. I love these files ~ they stack nicely on top of each other and are great for holding all of my backup CDs ~ fabulous looking AND functional!

Below are yet some other prescription files ~ Phillips brand. Now that I have committed to the black and white versions, I have decided I will probably sell these ~ after all, I don't have room for everything! I'd bought these years ago as well at another now defunct antique mall ~ thinking I would repaint them and make my own label ~ instead they have been used as is to hold videos next to the tv ~ I guess the rather rough labels kind of grew on me.

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