Saturday, July 4, 2009

Walnut 2009 ~ The Sights ~ He Saw

Several years ago my brother and his wife came to visit me ~ as it was a flea market weekend, I had that on our list of things to do even though I wasn't sure they would like it as much as I do. Initially, my brother only went along to make sure his wife didn't spend too much, his wife went out of curiosity, and I went because I just couldn't NOT go!

After an hour or two, my sister inlaw and I had finished and were showing each other our exciting finds of the day ~ my brother (who wasn't that interested in going at all) was still poking around. I found it interesting that based on what each of us was interested in, it was like we had been to different shows ~ my sister inlaw found some good bargains on some newer items (those are the booths I just walk by) while my brother ended up finding a collection of signed baseballs he was interested in. I, of course was digging for old stuff ~ things I know my brother and his wife think I am crazy to be buying! At any rate, we all had a good time ~ everyone sees things differently ~ which leads me to today's postings ~ while we were at Walnut, I had D point out things he was drawn to ~ I did the same. While we oftentimes like the same things, there are many times when we are worlds apart, but still manage to find things we like at the same show! So, below are some of D's favorites from Walnut this year:

{handmade wooden medicine cabinet with metal details}

{old fashioned portable shaving station}

{camping outfit ~ D loves to camp!}

{crocks, crocks and more crocks}

{handmade wooden tractor}

{great graphics and shape of this gambling machine}

{The Sno-ler ~ stroller for the snow}

{crude wooden bin}

{Bacon boy ~ D loves bacon!}

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Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

It always astounds me how everyone seems to be at a different market. Just goes to show you to keep your eyes OPEN!