Thursday, July 2, 2009

Walnut 2009 ~ The Sights.2

Now that I carry a camera with me when I shop, I THINK I am spending less ~ but I haven't actually done the math, so I'll bet I am just doing some extra impressive rationalization! For those of you who like to window shop and for me as a photo album of stuff I like or find interesting, here are some more sights from Walnut 2009 ~ again, something for everyone!

{pretty transferware}

{embossed old tin}

{old tins everywhere!}

{handsome man}

{boys' hobby book}

{scary almost life size naked display figures}

{band of brothers}

{cast iron shoes ~ wondered what these were used for?}

{enough yardsticks for a lifetime ~ or two}

{wonderful painted wooden window frame}

{ice cream sign with Elsie the cow!}

{what better spokesman for nut products than a squirrel?}

{ancient box of alphabet blocks}

Then there are the cabinets and drawers ~ I guess it is a good thing I had no way to transport any of these since I have absolutely no room in my house or budget! Some day ~ I dream of rooms filled with organized and labeled drawers filled with all of my collections and miscellaneous stuff!

{lovely brass card holder detail}

{any of these would be great for a studio!}

{cigar box shelves}

The last, a one of a kind shelving unit with cigar box drawers ~ this was useable from both sides! So it could be used as shown or one could change out the boxes so that all of the cigar labels showed - or all of the hardware showed ~ just ingenious! I have some cigar boxes I am going to try something like this with ~ uh oh, another project!


Bonnie said...

OMG! Love the drawers! I'm crazy about drawers and anything with cubbies! I wonder how a room would look with wall to wall cubbies....

Mary Green said...

all those drawers and bins and what a great use for cigar boxes! It must have been hard to see them all and walk on by...

Kay said...

I enjoy your blog. I especially love all the photos of items you've come across at Walnut 2009 (a flea market?) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and absolutely love your photos... especially all those 'cubbies' ... wish I could have a whole wall of them!

The heavy metal shoes were likely originally on a child size mannequin... the ones I've seen were free standing as the heavy shoes were able to support the entire figure. A friend had one with only the waist and below... she used it for years as an umbrella holder (although she'd probably kill someone if they dared to put a WET umbrella in The ones I've seen had paper mache legs, arms, and torso with a composition head.

Again, love your blog!

Julie said...

Seems to be many drawer fans out there! Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments!
Jeannie, thanks for the info regarding the metal shoes - I would love to see a complete figure.