Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scotties on my mind!

This is the weekend we are adopting Angus ~ a wheaten scottish terrier puppy! To celebrate such an event I thought I would share with you two children's books from the 30's that I have and love.

The Angus series was one of my favorites as a child ~ actually 'Angus and the Ducks' was the book I had ~ I don't know that I discovered the one above and 'Angus Lost' until I was an adult. The Angus series are Marjorie Flack's most famous books ~ they are based on events that actually happened to Angus ~ the family's pet scottie. I've always loved the illustrations ~ they really capture the true spirit of a scottie!

{images from the endpapers}

{all images above from Angus and the Cat}

Jock and Jill, illustrated by Morgan Dennis and written by Maida Huneker is another great book featuring scotties. I found this copy several years ago either at a flea market or antique show or shop. Morgan Dennis is one of the best known illustrators of dogs ~ especially scotties. A charming book with dozens of black and white illustrations that showcase the scottish terrier and their unique personality.

{great title page}

{that squirrel doesn't have a chance!}


Duncki said...

Was excited to hear your Mum has a Bess book! [posted ST&D News Blog]
I look forward to seeing other postings there and here. Thanks.

Lallee said...

Hi Julie! I thought about you all weekend wondering how the adoption went. I have always wanted one of the Angus books. I put one on my wish list in Amazon and will add it with my next order. Hugs to your Scotties.


Abigail said...

I have all three of the Angus books, we got them from a friend when our Scottie turned one.