Wednesday, July 16, 2008

D is for Denise Sharp

{give this woman a trophy!}

Denise Sharp is an artist I have admired for many years ~ I think I first became aware of her work when I bought one of her paper trophies at one of my favorite stores, Curious Sofa. They carried some of her fanciful architectural candy boxes as well. Visit her shop at etsy where more of her paper luxuries and letterpress cards can be had. In addition to her artwork, her dsharp journal is one of my very favorite blogs ~ great inspiration, wonderful eye candy, an interesting variety of posts, AND a fabulous sense of humor! Make sure to check out her Abecedary of Inspiration ~ such a clever and original idea!

{for sale at dsharp's etsy store}

As I have been lurking around on her blog for quite a few months now, I have also discovered that we have a lot in common: we like the same sort of objects, we both like making things, we were both born in July, and I think we probably both have a huge collection of stuff that we don't want to part with! I am basing this on this statement she made here:

"Frankly, I can admire modernist, striking interiors where the inhabitants have no more than a half a dozen museum-worthy objects, I just couldn’t do it. As in, it would not be possible - because I am almost like a junk magnet....To me, collecting, decorating and living with found and favorite objects, most rather humble, is a necessary inspiration binge - whittling it down to a handful would be famine."

Most eloquently put ~ I feel just the same ~ when I read this I thought, finally, there is another person on this earth who isn't downsizing ~ and isn't apologizing for it either!
If you like dsharp's work as much as I do, make sure to enter her Eiffel Tower Giveaway for a chance to win one of her lovely containers!

{on second thought, give this woman three trophies!}
All images via dsharp

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Lallee said...

Declutter? What's that? LOL I will never be a minimalist. Denise's art is beautiful and so different. Thank you for pointing in her direction. Can I say I am a tad jealous that you live close enough to shop at the Curious Sofa?