Monday, July 14, 2008

New Family Member ~ Angus

Today we found out that we have been approved to adopt Angus ~ a 12 week old wheaten scottish terrier puppy! We found this guy on petfinder, an online adoption site. One of my best friends and a scottie lover too, also applied for Angus ~ neither of us knew the other had applied until I got a phone message from my friend asking me to be her reference! Luckily for us, Angus has a sister ~ actually he has two sisters ~ a wheaten (Victoria) and a black scottie(Kathleen), so we are both getting a new puppy! I can't wait ~ we pick them up this Saturday!


{Angus (L) & Victoria (R)}


Speck does not know he is getting a brother yet ~ or maybe he does ~ I think there may be a knowing look in his eyes..... Stay tuned, I will post some more photos later!

I'm open for name suggestions ~ while I do like Angus as a name, I had a scottie named Angus when I was a kid, so I feel like we need a fresh name! Let me know what you think?! So far we have all sorts.... Sprocket, Sputnik, Zero, White Tornado, Honky (not very PC - but funny!), Haggis, Argyle....


Lallee said...

A link in my Google news alert for Scottie news brought me to your blog. I just had to say hello. How exciting to have another Scottie join you--an adorable one too. I have two Scotties.....and also sell crochet on Etsy! My son has a wheaten Scottie I refer to as the blond bombshell ;-)Your blog is delightful. I look forward to exploring it. Come over to my blog--I'd love to meet you.


Dede Warren said...

Best name for your dog, I declare to be Gatsby. My girlfriend has one of these dogs, and thats her dogs name, it's a perfect match!

Lallee said...

Just wanted to say hello again after your visit. I will be stalking your blog until I see your new baby again ;-) My son's wheaten was also a puppy rescue. May I add your blog to my list of favorites on my blog? I'd be glad to do a post about it too if you like


AnnB said...

Very cute, congratulations.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has a long list of Scottie name suggestions for you.

And if your new boy has an interesting rescue story, Scottie News would love to hear it.

Duncki said...

Congrats on the new Scott! Having access to your pup's litter mate will be fun. Our Duncan's brother "Ritter" is a regular guest in our home -- sometimes even staying overnight. The boys have a great time together. Take and share plenty of pix.