Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fabulous Find #7 ~ Visiting Cards

Lately I have been trying to organize my life and all of the stuff I have managed to collect over the years. While it is fun to go through and find things that I forgot I had, sometimes it is rather scary as I will come upon something I have absolutely no idea where it came from ~ other things I can tell you where I got it, how much I paid etc.... Not only do I have a treasure trove of actual things, I have tons of images I have collected from the internet for inspiration. The handcolored visiting cards shown above are one of those images ~ unfortunately the scans aren't very good ~ these are from an ebay listing ~ one I think was out of my price range from the start. These are so beautiful ~ ink linework with watercolor.

Another group with a different look ~ the die cuts are amazing! The lower left one is my favorite ~ the edge treatment is so pretty. You can bid on them here!

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