Friday, December 7, 2012

Fabulous Find ~ McCaskey Credit Register

As I mentioned earlier, I have begun selling some of the vintage items I have collected over the years. While doing some internet research on McCaskey credit registers, I came upon this magnificent piece here.  I would LOVE to add this one to my collection, but at this point, I am short both space and money.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I have never seen one like it before ~ the upright style nor the color.  This would look great with photos or as is shown ~ the piece is being sold with all of the ephemera as well.

In case you were wondering, below is a more common version of what one of these registers looks like when complete. When I have found them over the years, they are usually in pieces, so they aren't easy to spot.  If you do find one that is complete, it is usually quite expensive and amazingly heavy!

Below are two ads for McCaskey registers ~ these registers were basically the precursor to the credit card of today. In one of the registers I bought several years ago, I actually found the original manual and instructions on how it was to be used ~ it seemed rather complicated to me!

At any rate, I love the look of these obsolete filing cabinets ~ they are wonderful repurposed for use as photo or ephemera holders. I think a wall filled with them would be amazing ~ it would make it easy to change out whenever you wanted a different look. So, while I don't have a whole register to offer, I do have single "pages" at the moment. If you are interested, check out my vintage etsy store.  Below is a vignette of one of the pages in use.


Catherine at Vintage Frills said...

Wow that is fabulous!

Indiana Limestone said...

cool register. really good find.
- Herman Swan

Jaime J said...

I just purchased one exactly like the double one in the advertisement in Warrenton, Georgia. I would love to share pictures with you but couldn't get the email to work on the blog. If you are interested on seeing it email me at