Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Simple Treasures

 {Beautiful autumn vignette}

Ah, simple treasures are the best . . . just like that Van Camp's Pork & Beans ad from long ago.  Well, maybe a few of these aren't so simple, but they are beautiful to admire.  Here are a few more lovely objects from last week's autumn Old Summit Country Antiques Show.

 {Lovely book cover and mirror}
 {Printed tobacco tin box}

  {Box of spice tins & grater}

  {Tin of spice tins with handwritten paper labels}

 The most impressive spice containers of all ~ these must have been used in a store as they are so large I cannot imagine anyone needing or wanting as much mustard or pepper as they could hold!
(Guess I could have included them in the previous post ~ did you notice the horses?!) 

{Collection of paperboard boxes & quilt stencil}

  {Gorgeous crochet & linen textile}

  {Duck heads in a basket & lovely log cabin quilt}

  {Great graphics on a 1939 World's Fair coloring book cover}

 One of my favorites ~ a page from a McCaskey register.  I wish I had enough wall space to cover a whole wall with a grouping of these. Folk art from the show tomorrow!

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