Monday, June 13, 2011

Crown Center Antique Show Highlights

{love this style of illustration on this powder box}

This past weekend I dropped by the Crown Center Antique Show ~ for a change, the weather was just perfect ~ something the dealers have long deserved! While shopping I managed to take a few shots of some of the things that spoke to me. I guess I was drawn to graphic design this weekend, as the majority of the images I came home with were of nicely designed boxes. Of course, I didn't miss the drawers and cabinets I always lust after ~ it's a good thing I have no room whatsoever for any of these larger pieces, otherwise I would have been tempted to buy either the dentist cabinet or the apothecary drawers ~ both were in wonderful condition.

{tobacco tin humidor}

{nice almanac cover from 1903 ~ such sweet looking children!}

{inside box label for a sharpening stone}

{odd display of santa and seed company label}

{loved the graphics on these two pencil boxes!}

{always partial to these dreamy looking half dolls}

{beautiful metal mesh purse with a unique shape}

{simple stencil on a painted wood hamper}

{great apothecary drawers}

{lovely dentist cabinet with patterned glass windows and cut glass drawer pulls}

Enjoyed myself at the show catching up with friends and shopping! I'll share some images of my purchases in a later post, so check back to see what I came home with!

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