Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Confessions of an Antique Addict

Last Saturday I decided to treat myself to an afternoon at an antique mall ~ after all, it has been weeks since I have set foot in one (on a Saturday), so I was having withdrawal symptoms. Before I hit the antique mall, I stopped by a few thrift shops only to find every one stripped bare of any sort of interesting items. Thankfully, the antique mall (Brown's Emporium in Independence) didn't disappoint. I picked up a furniture catalog from the 1880's that had some nice engravings in it, a pink McCoy planter, an old German scissors and a few other miscellaneous smalls.

{fabulous vintage scottish terrier rocker ~ 1930's-40's?}

I also saw this vintage scottish terrier rocking toy ~ while I really liked it, I really don't have the space, nor do I have any children to play with it. This was one of those items I just couldn't get out of my mind....I had taken a photo of it, so when I got home, the more I looked at it, the more I realized I had made a terrible mistake by not buying it ~ especially when I rationalized that it would be the perfect prop to use for a Christmas photo with Speck & Sprocket (yeah, right ~ as if I will be able to get them to stay still anywhere near or in it!!). So, that is how I managed a second day of antique shopping ~ not only did I revisit Brown's Emporium, but since I was already out that direction, I felt obligated to hit The Brass Armadillo.

PS. I was the first shopper to arrive on Sunday ~ the scottie rocker is safely tucked away in what used to be my "yarn room". More photos coming soon!


Beth Leintz said...

The Scottie Rocker is adorable- and I'd fill it with yarn!

Julie said...

Great idea Beth! Thanks for helping me rationalize my purchase!!!!