Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fabulous Find #7 ~ Clark's Spool Display

I have to confess, the real reason Sprocket didn't end up buying much of anything at the Sparks flea market is because I spent all of our money. Here is my favorite find of the show ~ an amazing accordion style spool display ~ I plan to use it to as a display for my brooches when I participate in shows. I have another spool display that I have used in the past ~ while I love that one as well, this one may serve better for my new brooches as the trays are not as deep ~ also, the color of the display is a nice neutral gray. The photos show it all cleaned up ~ there was a free coating of dirt/dust on every surface ~ the spools came with it as well. Happy Day!

{folded up display}

{unfolded display ~ it is glorious!}


LiLi M. said...

Love it! Never seen anything like this and I think this is the perfect item to spend all your money on, especially when you have a purpose with this fab find, but even without. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Julie, what a find! I can see all of your beautiful things displayed in this treasure!!!


Maureen said...

As someone who has done craft fairs, there nothing better than an interesting display case that folds up for travel. Great find!

Nancy said...

It is glorious. I think I have "accordion style spool display case" envy.