Monday, September 8, 2008

Lovely Stores ~ Curious Sofa

If you are in Kansas City or live close enough to make a road trip, you should definitely put Curious Sofa on your list of places to visit. I am lucky enough to live a short drive from Curious Sofa, so I try to visit often.

Curious Sofa is one of the most unique retail environments I have shopped in ~ always a gorgeous array of unique goods ~ an eclectic mix of old and new ~ everything displayed in clever and beautiful ways. Debbie Dusenberry is the owner and creative force behind Curious Sofa ~ she and her staff always make you feel welcome when you walk in the door ~ if you are lucky you may also get to meet Pearl, the shop's pretty canine mascot.

You can see more of the shop at the curious sofa website or at the blog, curious sofa diaries ~ Debbie also writes a blog about being a shop owner ~ all worth a visit! Below are a few shots I've taken while visiting.....

{the entrance ~ many times the doors are open}

{gorgeous display of shells this summer}

{relaxing & beautiful bedroom vignette}

{eclectic assortment of prints, frames and planters}

{need a key? ~ how can you resist?}

{lovely spring garden display}

{jewelry displayed in vintage muffin tin and type tray}

{shots above from the 'estate sale' this summer ~ I missed the opening as I had to work!}

{Halloween open house invitation}

This past weekend was the Halloween open house ~ which I was not able to get to ~ curses! I will have to make a trip there this weekend instead ~ if you want a sneak peek, go here. Halloween is at its best at Curious Sofa!

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Uncle Beefy said...

Looks like a GLORIOUS shop! LOVE all the photos! Delicious eye candy! Must get out to Kansas City one day...seems like a nice city.