Saturday, May 11, 2013

Postcards done!

{collections using collage and/or found objects}

{collections with a sophisticated and elegant style}

{Graphic and colorful collections}

{important information!}

As I mentioned earlier, I knew I would have difficulty finding time to post much these last few months ~ I can't remember the last time I went out antiquing, since I have been spending all my time preparing for the Surtex trade show, which is next weekend!  

Since I have no antiques to share, I thought I would share the postcards I designed to represent the three types of collections I have been designing work for.  In order to reuse & recycle I always put the show information on the back side so that I can use the excess cards.

You may or may not notice, but the top two postcards show work I develop using some of the antique pieces and parts I have been collecting over the years ~ this makes for a great excuse to keep going to flea markets and antique shows!  I used a variety of antique lace pieces and some book endpapers for the first postcard, while on the second I manipulated some spencerian penwork to develop the pattern. The third card utilizes only my skills on the computer, but allows me the opportunity to design work that is more contemporary!

If you happen to be at the Stationery Show, the International Furniture Fair or Surtex, please stop by and say hi ~ I am in booth 458!  While looking forward to the show, it will be nice to get back to a day out antiquing and back to some regular blogging ~ I feel like I have been deprived!

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Shawna Stobaugh said...

Amazing job Julie! I love love love the antique lace one! That's my fav. I just downloaded the book you suggested from - Geek Love. I cannot wait to listen it. Take care.