Monday, February 18, 2013

Holy Smokes!

{listed on ebay, but no longer available}

After spotting the smoking children photos that I posted about a couple of days ago, I came upon this cute little cigar tin above ~ how dare someone use a cute little scottie to promote smoking cigars! After that, I just seemed to find smoking dogs everywhere I looked! Here are a few of my favorites ~ credited where possible.

{Teddy Roosevelt lookalike from here}

 {Statham Cook Collection found here}

Now, do these elegant chaps make you want to go out and buy a pack of smokes so you can emulate their style?

At least I doubt any of these guys are chain smokers ~ dogs are smarter than people when it comes to smoking ~ even if they do look debonair! Plus, I'm sure it is extremely difficult to light up your pipe, cigar or cigarette if you are a dog.

{those photos without credits are from my pinterest board on dogs}

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