Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mr. Speck is 11!

Although it is election day today, it is also Mr. Speck's 11th birthday, so we had lots to fit in to make sure we did our civic duty and also celebrated Mr. Speck's big day. Getting gussied up in his finest voting outfit, which included both a dapper straw hat and striped bowtie ~ Mr. Speck made sure his humans got out and voted, so we could get back to the birthday business.

Sprocket was in charge of party planning, so he engaged Chef Deeque to whip up an extra special birthday dinner of cheese popcorn and short ribs.  He also managed to book a barbershop birthday duet with Chef Deeque & his good friend, Lyndall. Other than that, Sprocket dropped the ball ~ no party decorations, games or cake ~ he was much more interested in his afternoon nap.
Nonetheless, Mr. Speck seemed satisfied with the food and entertainment ~ being a thrifty Scotsman, he's not much for spending frivolously. Happy Birthday Mr. Speck!

 {Chef Deeque}

{Sprocket shirking his duties as party planner}

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