Sunday, March 4, 2012

Objets Trouves ~ Found Objects

{rusty nails & tin lid}

Today was beautiful and sunny so during one of my breaks, I took a few photos of the found objects I picked up during one of my weeks of walks. My assignment for myself was to find something that was either inspiring in some way or interesting to me ~ something that I could take with me as well.

{giant bowl of sticker balls ~ love these when they are bright green too!}

Aside from the usual suspects, ie. pine cones and sticker balls, I really love the seed pods - they remind me of matzo crackers.

I also found a few simple twig fragments ~ the first, I really love because of the beautiful colors of the moss or lichen that covers it. The second had a different variety of fungus ~ a very deep dark almost black color, combined with a pale minty looking covering.

My favorite find of the week - and also what spurred the whole assignment were the groups of rusty nails ~ loved the pattern and the rusty textural finish ~ I'd never seen nails like this before. To me they looked pretty old and I did have to dig them out of the ground, but worth it, right?! The flattened tin lid was also beautiful and ended up having lovely color on both sides!

OK, so what do you think? Trash or treasure? You can probably guess my answer! What is your favorite item?


Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous. Who would've thought these things could look so beautiful!

Julie said...

Thank you so much fancylinda! I love being able to use the things I have around the house when I take photos - it makes me feel less guilty for spending so much time & money at flea markets and antique shows!