Sunday, March 11, 2012

National Button Week ~ March 11-18

Apparently it is National Button Week ~ and to think I almost missed it! So, in honor the holiday, I'll be posting about buttons this week. I do love buttons and am always on the lookout for them at antique shows and flea markets, but I guess I am not really a collector ~ not that I don't have thousands of buttons, it is just that I buy them to use in my work rather than for a collection, so I tend to buy buttons that are less expensive, but still unique. Every now and then I will buy an expensive button, but then I feel like I can't use it unless I use it in a personal piece or gift.

Anyway, some of my favorite buttons are what I call carved mother of pearl buttons ~ there may be a more official name ~ if you know it, please send me a comment. I bought this necklace shown above several months ago ~ I could tell it was made of mother of pearl buttons, but whoever made the necklace chose to weave it together so that only the backs of the buttons showed. When I looked it over carefully, I could tell there were quite a few carved mother of pearl buttons, so I knew it was a good deal. The photos above show a few of the carved buttons and the necklace as found.

Here are some other carved mother of pearl buttons I purchased and posted about earlier. While those in the necklace weren't quite as pretty as those above, I still can't figure out why on earth the person who made it chose to hide the carved designs! Guess it was just my lucky day!


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing these carved mother of pearl buttons, Julie. That necklace was a real "find".

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love your necklace and collection of carved mother of pearl buttons. I had no idea it was national button week!
Hope you have a good week! :)