Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fabulous & Functional

One of the most difficult challenges (for me) I have been facing as I move forward with working on my art work for Surtex, is that I have had to cut out (or at least seriously cut back!) my weekend antique & vintage shopping sprees! Not only do I feel like I don't have the time, but I need to be very conservative with my funds these days as well!

Never fear though, I have a houseload of stuff I haven't shared with you yet ~ probably enough to get me through as least a year or ten! So, do keep checking back as I will be posting about my vintage finds as usual ~ plus, there are a couple of shows coming up that I just know I will not be able to resist! I will let myself go to them if I have enough art finished to warrant taking a break! Sacrifices must be made!

As I mentioned, I have loads of photos from shows or trips out and about that I have not shared yet, so these images are from a trip to the River Market Antique Mall ~ I love this little country grained painted tin container and perpetual calendar! I remember seeing a similar one up at the Enchanted Frog a while back ~ perhaps it is the same one? I could kick myself for not getting it ! it is one of those items I regret not buying.

While it is a little dinged up, I still love the colors and the design of the piece. It reminded me of this painted tin item I had seen and posted about here. The piece below is from the collection at the American Folk Art Museum in NY.

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