Wednesday, March 14, 2012

National Button Week ~ Day 4

Already day 4 of National Button Week! I had a busy day today, so I just took a couple of shots of two different kinds of buttons I have that I like, but don't have many of. I think the black and white ones are either a dyed and carved plastic or bone material ~ maybe celluloid, I really don't know. But, I liked them and they were the right price, so they joined my collection. They are so striking, I think they would look fabulous as a central piece in a brooch or as buttons on a coat or sweater.

The other type of button I have to share today is also large, but bulky too ~ these are cord wrapped buttons. They have no shanks on the back, so I suppose one was just supposed to sew them on using the cord to attach them. Again, I thought these were rather unusual and were probably used for a coat because of their size.

Only 3 days left! It will be hard to decide which buttons to show ~ I guess it will be determined by how much time I have in my schedule! Hope you are enjoying this button holiday!

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