Tuesday, March 13, 2012

National Button Week ~ Day 3

Guess what ~ more buttons to share in honor of National Button Week! Today I gathered up a group of wooden buttons I got awhile ago. Initially, I thought these were made of pinecones, but upon closer inspection they are carved wood ~ perhaps mahogany ~ painted or dyed with color.

I like the dimensional quality of these buttons and was lucky to get a variety of colors and the two different sizes ~ I just wish there would have been more of the turquoise ones and/or the small black ones. I don't remember where I got these, but they did come all together.

I keep these in this handmade chest that has lots of drawers and pegs for handles ~ the chest is full of all sorts of miscellaneous washers and metal parts, along with a few empty drawers ~ well, they were empty when I got it, but not anymore. Each "drawer" is actually a slab of wood with round depressions routed out to form compartments ~ they look a little like a muffin tin.

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