Friday, September 9, 2011

Sparks/White Cloud ~ Autumn 2011

Last weekend were the fall Sparks & White Cloud flea markets, so despite the 100+ degree temperatures and flooded roads, we made the biannual trek ~ that would be all of us but Speck, my almost 10 year old black scottish terrier. I felt bad sneaking out the back door and leaving Speck behind, but I knew that a black dog and hot & sunny weather is not a good mix ~ also, Speck doesn't do too well around crowds and other dogs. So, below are the other two guilty parties ~ we didn't let the guilt ruin our trip, we just rationalized that Speck was enjoying the air conditioned house to himself for a change!

{Dick (with something he calls a 'sweat towel') & Sprocket}

So, armed with a thermos of cold water and a dish for Sprocket we set out to see the sights. Below are a few of my favorites, the first being this huge album of blueprints and architectural drawings ~ I am having regrets for not buying it. The cover was a combination of corduroy and leather ~ the inside end papers a beautiful marbled pattern ~ I loved the juxtaposition of the stripey corduroy and the marbled pattern. Who knows, with all the shows I go to, perhaps I will get another chance at it.

{giant album of architectural drawings from St. Joe, Missouri}

{beautiful metal beaded and linked antique purses}

{great portrait/sign of Lincoln ~ very pricey}

{variety of tin containers & a monkey bank}

Below, more crusty painted textures and some nice graphics on a stack of antique license plates. When taking this photo I had such a time of it with the dealer ~ I rearranged the plates to get an interesting layout, then before I was able to snap the shot, the dealer would line them all up, ruining my layout. He was telling us about the plates while this was going on, but it happened several times ~ I finally wore him down and got my photo, but I saw him rearrange them again as I left his table!

{great graphics on this old tin of tempera paint}

{loved the 'Kabnet Wax' logo on this wax paper dispenser as well}

{sweet little handmade sock doll}

{Monument to Wilbur Chapman}

Although I have been going to White Cloud for years, I don't remember ever seeing this little monument before ~ the monument was erected in 1938 to honor a 10 year old boy who raised and sold a pig named 'Pete' to help support a boy with leprosy in 1913. His example started the pig bank movement where 100,000 banks were distributed for donations to help rid the world of leprosy.

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