Monday, August 1, 2011

Obsolete Inc.

{iron arm molds from 1920}

While perusing the internet this evening, I came upon an online antique store called Obsolete Inc. ~ after digging through their beautifully photographed and unique items I am wishing I had unlimited funds and a larger house! Here are just a sampling of some of my favorite items:

{hand made bench made for a set of twins ~ circa 1870-90}

{wax bust of young girl complete with real human teeth ~ a little creepy, but intriguing!}

{wire cage light fixture}

{I'd use this like a painting ~ it would make a great graphic statement in a room}

{wonderful French spools of wool ~ love the colors}

The apothecary side tables shown above have hand painted labels on the drawers ~ these would be a great addition to almost any interior. Then again, I am a sucker for drawers and cabinets ~ I love the mechanics work cabinet with its original painted surface below.

But, by far, my favorite is this industrial steel cabinet from France circa 1940 ~ everything about it is perfect ~ the patina, the details, the size, the zillion drawers! Well, it does have one rather major defect ~ it has been sold so it is no longer available! That is probably a good thing as I would possibly have remortgaged my house for it ~ isn't it grand?

{all images from here}

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Maria said...

Oh Julie. That site looks fabulous. Swoonity swoon.