Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snail's Pace

How is everyone out there dealing with this heat? As I am in the midwest, I realize it isn't as hot and muggy as it is on the east coast, but even so, it is hot enough to suck most of my energy away ~ I feel like I am moving at a snail's pace! If only there was an ocean nearby! Hot and humid makes me lethargic ~ wouldn't it be nice to just be able to languish in a spiderweb hammock until a cool breeze came along?!

Lovely watercolors shown were painted by Victorian artist, Amelia Jane Murray Lady Oswald (1800-1896) ~ you can read more about her here and see some more of her work here and here.

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Nancy said...

Hi Julie! Lurker Nancy here. I'm in Upstate NY, and it's been hot here for almost 3 weeks. I hate the heat, and my sewing studio is in the hottest part of our studio building, so I'm not sewing much this summer; I'm going at a snail's pace as well. Work is air-conditioned (whew!), but home is not. An ice pack on the back of the neck while sitting in front of a fan helps! And lots of lemonade and limeade. When I get to feeling most wretched, I remember that our great-great grandmothers survived such heat while wearing corsets and layer upon layer of clothing! It has to get cooler soon...