Thursday, June 3, 2010

Antiques on the Common Spring 2010 ~ #2

{Miniature handmade German grocery store ~ love the meat cleaver and chopping block!}

More antiques from Antiques on the Common ~ once again, I ended up with groups of items that kind of work together ~ I rarely plan to take certain themes, I just end up noticing them when I get my photos downloaded. Yesterday's post ended up leaning a little towards the feminine ~ with a focus on paper goods, sewing items, and bead work. Today's post tilts towards the masculine ~ machinery, toys and typography. I do try to get a variety of items that I find interesting or inspiring in some way ~ after all, I don't want to end up like the guys on American Pickers who only seem interested in oil cans, decrepit bicycles and not very appealing rusty signs!

{group of painted wooden tops}

{Sew-O-Matic Senior ~ great name for a sewing machine!}

{Unusual slat basket}

{clothes wringer with beautiful graphics}

{not a wringer, but a crimper}

{lovely typography on the side of a scales}

{Typography incorporated in the design of the scales}

{Painted cast iron sign for a jeweler}

{nice grouping of egg grading scales}

{My favorite ~ just for the name ~ The Expellometer ~ moth killer!}

{Unusual handmade wooden skeleton/angel? thermometer}


Beth Leintz said...

I love it when you go shopping with your camera- its fun to see all the details you pick out...and thank you for NOT going the American (rust) Pickers route

The Armchair Parisian said...

How did you manage not to take everything home? :-)

Susie Jefferson said...

My goodness - wish there was a venue like this when I live. Haven't seen anything this good for ages - these are all wonderful. I'd buy the lot! No idea where I'd put them, but I'm sure I would find somewhere.

Great photos!

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful finds... The thermometer is especially interesting!