Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Antiques on the Common Spring 2010 ~ #1

It has been awhile since I have posted photos from an antique show ~ not that I haven't taken any, I have just gotten behind with the posting. This past weekend Antiques on the Common was held in Greenwood, Missouri ~ this is one of my favorite shows ~ it is held twice a year, in the spring and the fall. For a change, the weather this time was just perfect ~ no wind, no rain or mud, just sun and decent temperatures! I took many photos as there are always wonderful and unique items at this show ~ I'll post half today, the other half tomorrow ~ then I'll share with you what I bought at the show.

Above are some beautiful examples of very old paper covered boxes ~ I love the combination of patterns and colors in addition to their worn quality.

Above shows another nice display of antique correspondence, old books, an abc plate, a needlebook and a very intricately diecut then stitched piece ~ I think it may be a bookmark ~ Affection's Offering is stitched in the center of the piece. Below is the cover and one spread of a handmade antique scrapbook.

{gorgeous detail of a framed mirror}

{a nice collection of beaded Indian pincushion souvenirs}

{covers (top photo) and inside frontispiece of two autograph books}

{lovely little child's abc cup ~ love the hand drawn letters!}

{the perfect metal shoe pincushion}

{lithographed puzzle blocks}

{Fairy's Garden}

These last two photos show this little fairy garden we came upon ~ it was at the base of the gnarled tree at left. I'm pretty sure that the little girls I saw helping out at the food stand were behind this charming little fairy garden ~ I'm glad I noticed it amongst all of the antiques ~ it would have been easy to miss! It's nice to see that some children still have an imagination and enjoy nature!

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Mitzi Curi said...

I'm loving vintage wallpaper right now, and really like your collection of paper covered boxes. A great find!