Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose?

Tonight when I pulled up in front of my house and got out of my car I was greeted by a pair of mallard ducks! Since I live in a residential neighborhood which is within city limits, this is quite unusual! I ran in and got my camera, then tried to get some photos at a respectful distance ~ the ducks seemed on a mission ~ they stopped at a few puddles in the curbs, but hurried off down the sidewalk seemingly aware of the danger of the street.

I'm glad they didn't decide to visit my back yard ~ the scots probably wouldn't have given them a proper welcome ~ after all, they have a stuffed toy that is a dead ringer for that green headed duck! Angus, a scottie from the 30's had a run in with some ducks ~ recommended reading for all! Read more about Marjorie Flack and her "Angus" books here.

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