Monday, January 25, 2010

Antique Assortment

Here is the last installment of images from the antique show I went to several weekends ago. As usual, I am drawn to vintage graphics and typography, folk art, and quirky items like the felt duck. It is always fun for me to come home after the show and go through the photos I took ~ I usually don't think or plan too much as far as what to take, but much of the time I end up with groups of similarly themed objects.

{sweet little girl's sled}

{box made from recycled boxes}

{unusual alphabet/men in uniform blocks}

{children's tin lunchbox}

{saucy felt duck pull toy}

{chippy paint at its best}

{girly glass shade}

{pretty pastel pottery}

{clever display}


Penelope said...

Oh I would've been heartbroken not to leave without the underwear sign, the 'hand' box made of boxes and the men in uniform blocks!

The hand vases always creeped me out a little- I can feel the pain of having a hole in your hand like that!

Steve Haskamp said...

I love that duck!

Dorothy Rimson said...

Pictures are great

Stacey said...

Love all the photos you've been posting! I always like to see what others enjoy- I'm a big "antiquing" fan and enjoy finding and sharing treasures.