Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sparks/White Cloud ~ Fall 09 ~ The Trove

At long last, a few photos of some of the things I came home with from Sparks and White Cloud this fall. It always amazes me that I am able to find such wonderful stuff ~ much of it is so old it is a wonder it has survived.

{Arm & Hammer collectible trading cards}

{old marriage certificate}

{glass patterned paperweights}

Below, an exercise workbook of sorts for children from 1923 ~ initially I thought it was a booklet used in school, but after reading the preface, the book was sold for use at home. "These pages were planned with the hope that mothers may be enabled to spend many happy hours with their children..." There are all sorts of activities ~ pages to color, cut out or draw on ~ animals, flowers, birds, paper dolls, mother goose pictures etc. ~ I've just shown a few samples.

{cover and pages from the Juvenile Artist Workbook}

{old & decrepit, but inexpensive music books}

{loved the pattern on this book cover}

{wall registers I plan to use for jewelry display}

{collapsible wire laundry basket to use for display}

{antique crocheted buttons}

Also, a book called Fancy Work for Pleasure and Profit ~ it is filled with all sorts of nice sewing/needlework related graphics and instructions. Unfortunately, the cover was not in the best shape and didn't warrant a photo. I got this book on the way home from my day trip to Sparks and White Cloud ~ at 1/2 Price Books! I'll let you know if there are any really great tips on how to make a profit with fancy work!

{title page and inside pages}


Lorraine said...

Thank you for sharing these Julie. What wonderful finds. The trading cards, paperweights - lovely. The crocheted buttons - never seen these - fabulous. Can hardly wait to see how you use the wall registers for display - they will look fantastic. Keep posting - I get to "travel" these fabulous flea/antique markets with you..... said...

Beth and I went last Thursday, White Cloud was barely set up, but Sparks was full tilt. I bought more jewelry than anything else. Looks like you found great ephemera.

Julie said...

Lorraine, thanks for visiting ~ glad you enjoy the posts! It gives me another excuse to keep hitting the shows ~ not that I need more excuses!
Karla, glad you and Beth made it back and found some treasures as well! I saw Gwen & her mom when I was out there ~ they were also looking for old jewelry!

Le_Vintage said...

ohhhh you're blog is so cute and those are some amazing finds! i love those old music books, i collect antique books and that totally reminds me of my style. love it!

Le Vintage

ODD FOLIES said...

What great pics Julie! I love those stitch books - I have some 1900-1909 stitch magazines you might like. We will see you at the Fall, Friends of a Feather. I know you are too busy to show -but hope to see you anyway. Sheila

Kitty Sheehan said...

Hi Julie,
Found your blog via Cafe Cartolina, love it!
Beautifully done.

Julie said...

Thanks for dropping by Le_Vintage, Sheila & ks!
Glad you enjoy my finds - thanks for your lovely comments!
Sheila, I will see you at FOF!
Have a great day!

secretleaves said...

I love the Arm & Hammer trading cards. And I had the book with the blue flower cover--I converted it to a Take Cover journal and sent it as part of an order to a Swedish web store. Always love looking at your finds.