Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sparks/White Cloud ~ Fall 09 ~ The Temptations

As promised, some photos of some of the things I saw at Sparks and White Cloud this year. I keep telling myself that I am spending less and buying less since I am taking more photos, but I'm not so sure. The things I am showing on this post I admired, but didn't buy ~ I'll show you what I purchased in tomorrow's post ~ it's sunny today and I am on vacation from my day job, so I ought to be able to get a few decent photos.

I find I am always drawn to sewing items ~ notions, buttons, clasps, pincushions, dress forms, sewing displays.......

{unique advertising pincushion ~ there were five in the series}

{tiny pincushions ~ especially love the mother of pearl disc one}

{great sewing displays from stores}

{loved this graphic and the name}

Another thing I admire is cast iron ~ I love old heating registers and grates, iron rests, fencing etc. ~ basically decorative iron work.

{lovely victorian fencing ~ $950 was probably reasonable, but more than I wanted to spend}

Then there are the drawers, cabinets, organizers etc.... I never come away from a flea market or antique sale without drooling over some of these. Lately, I am only looking ~ unless it is an amazing bargain or something I just cannot resist ~ I have no room in my house anymore ~ unless I get rid of something!

{nice handmade chest of drawers ~ love the handles}

{old mail boxes ~ would make a great organizer for something}

{great cake cabinet ~ this one was pricey ~ $100}

Groups of objects or collections also catch my eye ~ even if it isn't something I collect or am especially interested in. I'm always appreciative of a vendor's efforts to display their wares well.

{great collection of trophies}

{group of old piano rolls}

{advertising buttons}

{nicely organized scrabble tiles}

{nice grouping of games by color}

Of course, a day at a flea market isn't complete without at stop for a funnel cake or corn dog ~ certainly lots to tempt you here too!

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Curious Sofa said...

Your blog is one of my favorites! You have such a great eye. I didn't go to Sparks so seeing these pictures was a great way to catch up.