Friday, January 16, 2009

Andrew Wyeth ~ 1917-2009

Growing up in Pennsylvania and visiting the Brandywine River Museum many times, I was introduced to the artwork of the Wyeth family of artists at a young age. As an illustration major in art school I became especially interested in the oil paintings/illustrations of N.C. Wyeth ~ I love that era of illustration. I also admired Andrew Wyeth's watercolor work ~ a totally different style than his father, but just as beautiful. I find the paintings of landscapes and old barns and buildings to be my favorites ~ I guess they remind me of home. Remembering a great artist.....

{Sunday Times ~ watercolor ~ Andrew Wyeth, 1987}


Unknown said...

Who knew that trash could look so good in a landscape? I guess Andrew did.

Anonymous said...

Julie! I love your site too! I have yours on my blog list , I think I have your portfolio under illustrators~ I love your work.

Andrew Wyeth was such an icon! My mom always wanted me to paint like him, but I was more like Magritte. After she died I was sorry I didn't AT LEAST TRY to paint like him. I love his work + stories of his life. His wife lived on an island, but he would not sleep on an island, so he stayed on the mainland: hence the affair with his model, Olga )was that her name?)
Did you know that?

You can put a link to my blog on your site too, if you want... someday maybe we can work together! (in heaven, probably, by the time this recession has spit me out!)HA!