Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today is . . .

 {collages by Maissa Toulet}

INSPIRATION 2014 #67: According to Days of the Year, today is Genealogy Day. It is also Women's Day, Proofreading Day and Peanut Cluster Day ~ do you suppose there is a greeting card for all of these special holidays?

In honor of Genealogy Day, above are some beautiful family tree collages created by artist, Maissa Toulet. As I don't read French, I am not sure if these are actual family trees or fantasy family trees, but it doesn't matter as they are so beautiful ~ and I think have a sense of humor. Check out some of the words added to describe the different people ~ grotesque and braguette don't sound complimentary to me!

This would be a fun way to record your own family's lineage and make a piece of art to enjoy and hand down to future generations. So, Happy Genealogy Day ~ a good day to cherish your family!

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