Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inventive Repurposing

INSPIRATION 2014 #49: Still in the organization mode, so I thought I would share a great way to make use of commercial baking pans ~ turn on its side and use as shelves! This image is from oh albatross on Etsy ~ unfortunately, it has already been sold, so you will have to find another. 

I have been collecting these since I first discovered one at a flea market ~ I found that the 'shelves' on the one I first purchased were the perfect size for spice bottles, so I mounted it on the kitchen wall and used it as a spice rack. As I no longer have any wall space available, I use the others as displays in craft shows ~ these are great for showcasing scarves, bangles or just about anything. Actually, maybe I should rearrange and create a whole wall covered with these ~ I have quite a number of them in all different sizes.

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